Client Testimonial

“For over 40 years I had suffered bowel problems. This was distressing and embarrassing. It restricted my life and in some ways nearly ruined it. I also suffered from aching joints, RSI, tension headaches and blurred vision. Being an office worker using a VDU, life became increasingly difficult to cope with. I had also experienced several bereavements of close relatives and friends. Last year things got worse, my bowel problem increased, my stomach was bloated and swollen and I was constantly tired, tearful, depressed and unable to work.


I had no idea why this was happening and had numerous blood tests which revealed nothing and numerous doctor’s appointments. Nothing helped – I was at rock bottom. Then a friend came to see me and suggested trying kinesiology. I’d heard of it but didn’t really know much about it but I was desperate and prepared to give it a go.


I don’t pretend to understand how kinesiology works I just know that it’s changed my life beyond recognition compared to how I was last year. The biggest change has been my bowel problem. After 40 years of tablets, doctors, hospitals, tests, etc. I am now totally free of all medication, my bowel problem has cleared up and I am feeling more confident and relaxed as a result.”

More Testimonials

I would certainly recommend Deborah Lawrence and the work that she does.


I have complete confidence in Deborah’s ability to diagnose what is stopping me functioning well and to sort the problem out using her large ‘kitbag’ of treatments.


Feeling a lot better in myself, I know that the treatments are doing me a lot of good.