Other Services


Other Services

Corporate Work Shops

Stress can be a huge problem for businesses. My corporate work shops deal with stress management and harmony within the work place. I can help you get the best from your staff by giving them advice and guidance to deal with their stress and help businesses create the right environment with which to work in, so that your staff can perform to their full potential.


Personal relationships can be challenging if communication breaks down, and problems can become difficult to solve. Using my indepth counselling skills and experience I can work with couples and help them resolve their issues in an unbiased manner.

On-site Treatments

As the demands on business staff grow, many companies are looking for ways to get the most from their work force. Corporate treatments are a great way to reward and revitalise your staff. A 5 minute Indian head massage can boost concentration and motivation without any impact on the working day.

Professional Mentoring

Kinesiology can be a demanding field to work in. I can work with other therapists to help them with their practice and professional problems.


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